Elastic Press Release

I just came across this from a few days ago. Sorry if it has already been posted. It seems as though Elastic has announced a slew of product updates:



my 2 cents
Looks like they are enriching their security management SIEM with a basic required element for case management. How well they establish correlation between incidents is key. Dunno maybe they start with a manual case association if it is Case 1.0 (hope not). They may have tied in their new alerting improvement with the case feature.

I see ‘observability’ service monitoring features that likely in response to DDOG and other competitors.

Also, some capabilities to manage long queries. If you have ever used Elastic, you will know that queries on non indexed columns can be painfully long and slow. As well as heavy ingestion periods. And if you get too much going at once, your system can slog down. So setting enforcement policies rules that monitor ingestion, queries and their completion status is very important to maintaining your DB performance policies. This way they can restrict queries and load shed intelligently when required.

Anyway this is my read of the announcement. Perhaps someone that is trying these new Elastic features can opine with real experience versus my conjectures.