Eliminating food waste

A good read from the Post Gazette on a local benevolent group with some LBYM tie-ins.


The Good Food Project was an invention of necessity in 2019 for innovative food waste reduction nonprofit, 412 Food Rescue, which, with a legion of volunteers and staff, “rescues” food that would otherwise go to waste and connects it with organizations and individuals in need.

“I try to make a soup every Sunday out of everything in my fridge that makes sense in a soup,” he said.

By heating the contents to a roiling boil — for various lengths of time depending upon the ingredients — he extends the life of those foods another five days, per food safety dictum. The soup empties his fridge of odds and ends that might otherwise go to waste, and gives him a week of nutritious lunches, further preventing the urge to reach for convenient — and oftentimes waste-producing — meals.


“I try to make a soup every Sunday out of everything in my fridge that makes sense in a soup,” he said

I’ve always thought this ‘tip’ was a part of all family folklore and dictum…

It certainly was for generations back on the Bear hierarchy list (lots of survivors from the 1930’s Depression and earlier)

Most of the time you can make some pretty good stuff… if one can only remember what the heck went into that last stew ‘recipe’!

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I too, make soup out of everything I can find in the refrig which might spoil if I don’t use it soon etc…also some good stuff that I’ve frozen for “later”. I think I posted before, that I also use the Misfits Market…every other week seems to work for us, and they tell us that they “rescue” these foods from groceries etc…and since they are mostly organic, I find it works for us - mostly. Since there is only the 2 of us, sometimes when we are not quite up to finishing something or other - mostly the fresh veggies…that become another soup ingredient. LOL