Ellevest Matrix in review

Class - Ellevest Matrix - per Simon’s Werld®

The following portfolio which I manage for my wife.

re: Simon Sez II, III, Simon IV
re: Lucas

https://www.ellevest.com/ for women run by women.
https://www.ellevest.com/personalized-portfolios/how-we-inve… this is the matrix I use for my wife’s portfolio.

  • The Matrix -



VO - VBR - BND - MUB - TIP - cash - FTGC

I use my Simon Sez II wait-one Day ARC to ARC strategy to Swing Trade them

I use my Simon Sez III wait one bar Label to Label to Swing Trade them as the primary.

I use my Simon Sez IV per the rules for the Red Green signals.

As my pet spider LUCAS says " Be the spider and let the prey come to you. "Lucas The Spider Creator Explains How He Makes People Fall In Love With Spiders | The Dodo - YouTube

http://production.assets.ellevest.com/documents/Ellevest-White-Paper.pdf go to page 4 to see The Matrix.




If by the term ‘matrix’, you mean the investing universe that you trade from on behalf of your wife, then some of those choices are very inefficient, never mind that Ellevest’s advisers are idiots who believe in the nonsense known as MPT.

Let me get a bike ride in before our promised rains arrive, and then I’ll tear into that “matrix” and suggest what I think you should be tracking and trading for her.


The Ellevest Difference: Principles and Methodology for Online Investing

Go to page four (4). It used to be page 5 a year ago.


No matter how Ellevest packages their misunderstandings of ‘investing’, ‘diversification’, etc., their models are no better than those of the Gardner brothers. For sure, women and men --as groups-- tend to regard ‘risk’ differently. If they didn’t, our species wouldn’t have survived. But the two groups aren’t discrete, nor is it ‘gender’ that is most significant, but ‘personality’, which Ellevest completely discounts.

The “bottom line” seems to be this. You’re happy with their platform and assumptions. I think they are running a variation of the ESG Scam. So let’s leave it there.


I am just reading this post a little late. I appreciate you sharing these investment options. The portfolio as a whole is probably not the best fit for me personally, but I can definitely see me choosing a couple of funds from it for diversification in my retirement account. I don’t think I fit the mold for Ellevest’s target clients, but that’s just me. I appreciate both of you pointing out the pros and cons of this portfolio (and everything else, for that matter). It is always good to have a variety of opinions, and you guys do not disappoint. All the things I have already learned here are so valuable! I wish I could consistently be interacting, but currently my schedule is erratic. I am doing good to check on things twice a day as Quill recommends. Looking forward to a time in the future when I can dedicate more time to trading. Thanks again to both of you for sharing your knowledge!



re: Ellevest

I sure would like to come out of retirement and werk for the Ellevest & Co. for a nice salary they pay (100k to 200k) for some of their top employers plus bennies. I only saw 1 male employer with is mug shot.
I signed up the newsletter for my wife.

Anyway: My wife is making a boat load of money on MUB.

Using just "Simon " black and white

Using just "Simon III. Zero losses.

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“My wife is making a boat load of money on MUB.”


By “boat load”, do you mean a boat like this?


Seriously. Why are you messing with a national muni like MUB --20% of whose holdings are NY bonds and whose dividend yield is pathetic-- instead of a dedicated NY muni fund that would let you avoid state taxes on all income received? Even better, why aren’t you buying the underlying directly and just running your own fund?

Yeah, most people are too scared to buy their own bonds and depend on funds instead. But anyone who knows enough techicals and fundamentals to be buying their own stocks also knows enough to be buying their own bonds in a responsible manner.

Your silly o;))

Where are there life jackets?

MUB & Co. are the stocks within my wifes Ellevest’s portfolio. Jump on their bones. As my wife always says “Write them a letter”.

I am not a Bonds expert like you and I only pay attention when buying and selling stocks. Take off some of the profits and then wait and wait for the next buy or sell signal. I only trade what I see.

Pays excellent Divi’s month after month.

And yet, their yields are about 2.0 % and change, and as a Swing trader, I earn about 2.88 to 6 percent profit or more at times at every trade. Then I would use the power of compounding and compounding into the next transaction.


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Thanks, I put MUB on my watchlist. Don’t want to take any sides though. :grinning:


I didn’t say MUB was a bad choice. I was questioning several things:

#1, How much is “a boat load of money” when the vehicle being traded is a muni bond fund whose upsides are generally very limited?

#2, Of the national muni bonds, is MUB really the best choice?

#3, Given that 20% of MUB’s holdings are NY munis, why not buy a NY muni fund and avoid state taxes on all income received?

#4, Given the size of Quill’s AUM, why wasn’t he just buying the underlying directly?

Right now, I’ve got back office work that needs doing. But later, I’ll dig into MUB.



Put your hat on as a Swinger, oooops A Swing Trader and let Simon tell you what to do. There will be at times some Head Fakes. Head Fakes are the hardest to understand as what to do.

Today, there was a sell signal. So what if MUB turns around and decides to head North. We will get to buy MUB another day.

Until MUB starts to dip below the 20 ema, we have a chance that MUB will continue to head North.

Slide the chart to the right and observe the 20 ema performances.

Every morning and at 3:30pm, I flipchart my wife’s Ellevest.com’s charts and just do what Simon says to do. I either make buy or sell decisions and at times, there is nothing to do. Managing portfolios takes more work than just a few stocks. Flipping charts are much easier.

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