ELLI News from the field

This is a repost from a post I made on the ELLI board where I am ticker guide:

My wife’s niece’s husband is in real estate and about four years ago I asked him if his company used Ellie Mae and he had never heard of them.

I received this email from him yesterday.

Do you remember asking me about Elli Mae when we visited you? I’m in a training right now in Dallas with a representative from Elli Mae. Our mortgage company is switching our loan origination system to Encompass 360 which is offered by Elli Mae.

I answered:

Great, John. I’m still invested in Ellie Mae. I think Encompass 360 has become the de facto standard in the mortgage origination industry.

He responded:

From what I understand it is the Ferrari. It’s the most expensive but it’s the top notch option. Our CEO decided to take the plunge and switch from Calyx Point, which was cheaper but not near as good.

That tells the story.