Elon's Latest Business Venture: $TSLA Restau

Today’s distraction for fanbois to digest:


Four years ago, Elon Musk first tweeted about a “roller skates & rock restaurant” that would double as a charging station for electric vehicles.

Now Tesla and its CEO have taken a step closer to making that reality. On May 19, the electric vehicle company submitted documents to the City of Los Angeles for a Tesla diner that would be open 24 hours a day on 7001 W. Santa Monica Blvd. in Hollywood.

As first reported by Electrek, the 9,300-square-foot space includes plans for a drive-in movie theater and a 28 stall supercharging station. Architectural plans show a two-story diner with over 200 seats, both indoors and outside. The outdoor seats will have a direct view to two tall LED movie screens. Food will also reportedly be delivered to cars.