👇 End of Day, Wednesday, 9 NOV 22, NYSE, Nasdaq, & The AMEX 52-Week Lows: Charts $AMZN,

There were 110 new 52-Week Lows on the NYSE for Wednesday, 9 NOV 22

There were 360 new 52-Week Lows on the Nasdaq for Wednesday, 9 NOV 22

There were 29 new AMEX 52-Week Lows on Wednesday, 9 NOV 22

$AMZN daily, weekly, and monthly charts (Amazon’s new 52-Weekl Low yesterday was also the 31-month low

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$OTLY daily, weekly, and monthly charts

MALMÖ, Sweden, Oct. 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Oatly Group AB (Nasdaq: OTLY) (“Oatly” or the “Company”), the world’s original and largest oat drink company, today announced it has launched its Oatly Barista Edition in approximately 1,250 Aral owned sites, as part of a new cooperation between the two companies. Aral is Germany’s largest petrol station network with around 2,400 retail sites in Germany.

Aral, which is also one of Germany’s largest coffee-to-go vendors, serves more than 85,000 coffees on a daily basis. Aral will support Oatly’s mission to convert new consumers from dairy to plant-based beginning behind the coffee counter, and expects to expand its retail offering in November to include Oatly Hafer Barista Edition (1 liter) for at home consumption.

"With the Oatly Barista Edition, we will cater to the ever-growing number of our customers who prefer plant-based options, whether that’s for taste, environmental or health reasons – and at no extra charge in beverages,” said Marvin Scharff, Food Service Category Manager at Aral. “Oatly is the perfect partner for this with more than 25 years of oat drink expertise. Today’s launch represents the first step in our cooperation as we look to expand the range of Oatly products to offer our customers over the coming months.”