End of tough two month

Over the last 8 weeks: There’s been a World Pandemic (Now 718,000 sick and 33,700 dead)- there’s been successes in Taiwan and Singapore and failures in The US where now there are more cases than anywhere in the world. But this is my investment log so here are the numbers: the averages were down 30% in this time. I was never down more than 2% and am now up 4.5%. This Time Really is Different, thanks Saul.
My Port
AYX 25%
CRWD 17%
DDOG 15%
ZM. 12%
OKTA 12%
TTD .5%
RUBI .5%

I arrived at the above portfolio at the end of a very testing two months.
I sold nearly all my TTD, 11% position, at $280 when I realized how much their banner add segment of sales was declining (answering Saul’s Q4 what the $$$$$? he re-posted in his end of February summary). The first week of the this scary time, I used the money to buy more CRWD, DDOG and a little AYX as they approached my buy in prices. Looking back I’m glad I didn’t wait for the bottom. I really didn’t predict the blowout CRWD had nor that second drop of AYX. So good and bad right. I’m happy because I believe I’m following the process, method, for which I’ve promised myself to follow regarding when to sell and buy, reguardless the circumstances. I did sell half my Zm, when it got to a 14% position, at $100 that same week, before I even thought about the run it could make. I bought COUP at my original buy in at $156 and some Elastic, @ $62 when they fell that same week (little did I now how far ESTC would go). Almost bought Zm back when it dropped back to $110; but still felt like so much in 6 companies is too risky and ESTC with 70% growth with 77% margins, despite their declining earnings per share, I just held onto ESTC. Again keeping my disciplined adherence to a method of investing, the one I’ve learned here over the last 26 months. Sincere thanks to everyone and specifically to Saul. This last week with the last of my cash I bought a starter position in PINS at $11 and A nothing position in RUBI at $6 both had great quarters but my not being sure of Corona effect neither are positions at all really. I don’t believe now is really the best time to expand my portfolio; but, I think buying these ’take a look’ positions helps me feel more normal in this difficult time.

Thanks for letting me have a place to share this. I wish I had more to offer. of course if you have any questions feel free to ask.



Not sure it matters but pfull disclosure I stated I’d purchased CRWD and DDOG, and a little AYX, at near original purchase prices. That was true for CRWD and DDOG; but, I was in with AYX at a full position at $43 25 months ago so anyway, thanks again