Enphase Explained

Congrats Putnid on your Enph find!! I read this post and did my homework and realize that this sector is the hottest sector in relative strength on par with cloud. This is the hottest company in the sector.

Revenue growth last 4 Quarters 1% 16% 43% and today 77%! Wow.


Putnid, IBD has an article about solar this week in the weekly edition and they mentioned SEDG as well as ENPH.

They are saying subsidies are still a big factor. They have been a factor in the past and that’s what caused the boom/bust cycles in the past as subsidies were created/expired.

They said that the solar boom should last into next year but did not explain why nor did they explain what’s causing this boom or how the subsidies are influencing it or their status. Any thoughts on that?

For sure it seems like enph is the prime candidate for this industry for investment unless there’s something related to batteries because that seems about to take off as well.


Solar systems have a tax credit which reduces from 2019 to 2020. I think currently sets to phase out 2021, but could be 2022.

Many think the government will potentially extended or offer a new program. The credits are seriously incentive. I am looking at a possible million dollar project for one company. Without the tax credits we would most likely not be interested.

The tax credits are important and anyone investing in solar companies needs to have a firm understanding of there value to potential customers.