Just wanted to give a tip of the hat and a thank you to who ever it was here that mentioned ESNT last month.

Thank You!


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Hi JT,

I think I may be the one that mentioned ESNT, though it was more like 4 months ago, I think (last earnings report)?? You are quite welcome! After I started that earlier thread, I did quite a bit of research, and have been meaning to post my results, but have been tied up with other things as of late (e.g., daughter’s wedding:-)). Your post reminded me that I need to get after that. I think they fit quite nicely into the housing rebound story, and they aren’t carrying any baggage from the 2008 melt down. Their numbers are stellar and if they post a good quarter in a couple weeks, they might take off. More to come…



Thanks DT,

I also started a position in ESNT after your post and some digging into the company. I liked their consistent growth and good valuation numbers.


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