ESTC... Listening to the Call..

Mentioned several customers removing Splunk in favor of Elastic.


To all other posters, please do not respond to this oneliner.


Your post violates several of Saul’s Rules and unnecessarily clutters up the board. It would be profitable to all of us if you were to listen to the entire conference call and then write a post with what you consider the salient points.

  1. There was already a thread on ESTC, you should have added your comment there. Saul made it crystal clear about a week ago that he does not want 4 - 5 posts on a single earning.

“We DO check if someone has already started a thread (on just released earnings, for instance), before starting a new thread.”,

  1. Saul absolutely dislikes one-liners, see his Monday Morning Rules of the Board,
    “No cluttering up the board with one-line, meaningless posts”.

  2. Your post does not follow the explicit posting guidelines of the Fool"

"Nobody likes posts that offer little or no information, contain emotion at the expense of reason, hype an investment opportunity, or attack another person.

…we want the reading of our message boards to be time well-spent for everyone, and that means providing as much information, thought, and help as possible.

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I. M. Young, Assistant Board Manager