Ethics in Theory vs. Ethics in Practice


Ayup. Many of you may have heard of the “Flint water crisis”, where a state appointed “emergency manager”, switched the city’s water supply from the Detroit system, to pulling water out of the polluted Flint river, to save money, then not treat the water adequately, to save more money, so the city didn’t go bankrupt, so the money interests that hold city bonds are paid in full.

The state’s case against the L&Ses in Lansing, that oversaw the poisoning of the city’s residents, for money, has collapsed. No-one will be prosecuted.


That is just wrong. The perpetrators of that poisoning of the residents of Flint should be spending the rest of their lives in prison drinking water from the Flint River.


Shiny justice in action. In Michigan, Supreme Court justices are elected. I wonder what their thought process was in declaring the one person grand jury that issued the indictments “unconstitutional”?



[internet lawyer mode on]
Objection! Assumes facts not in evidence.
We have no evidence of a thought process.


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