ETSY Q2 Blowout

In fact, listening to the Canacord Genuity talk, it sounds like Etsy is going to put more dollars into helping put associated products together. Perhaps this will help me more easily pick out throw pillows that go together.
If this is right, and ETSY can help me put together my throw pillows with my handmade accessories and artwork and vintage finds, this is sounding like a very appealing shopping site.

Pinterest, anyone?!

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I’m an accountant and have a client who is an art painter that sells on Etsy. She used to have multiple part time jobs. Since covid, she has devoted her time fully to Etsy. It’s a somewhat profitable venture, but it’s quite time consuming. She has to package and arrange for all the deliveries (unlike Amazon’s FBA). Her level of business is not be high enough to use Shopify services (i.e. setting up a nice website).

I agree with the previous posts about Etsy being a good marketplace for creative entrepreneurs selling a relatively low volume of handmade products.

Handmade goods could be seen as luxury goods, and Macy’s CEO has expressed that this market segment as a huge opportunity up for grabs as many competitors go bankrupt.

And I could many people shopping for birthday and Christmas gifts using Etsy.