Europe-bound Americans will soon need a new authorization

If you were born on US soil you are a citizen automatically.

There is a push to repeal birthright citizenship. The only question in my mind is would they try to make it retroactive. The Constitution prohibits retroactive laws, but the xenophobes could claim the entire thing was a flawed interpretation of the 14th amendment to try and get around the Constitutional provision, and yank the citizenship of generations of Hispanics.


I got a short document from the state’s records office. I paid for it and they certified it. Mailed it in, got passport–and done. I also bought two additional copies at the same time (minimal extra cost)–also certified. I still have them. Be interesting if someone wanted to try to claim they were fake.

Apparently, what was happening in Texas was that, because a handful of midwives in southern Texas admitted to applying for a Texas birth certificate for babies that were actually born in Mexico, all Hispanic births that were attended by a midwife, rather than in a hospital, with it’s own paper trail, were treated as fake.

People who had lived as US citizens all their lives, served in the military, served as policemen, firemen, and EMTs, for instance, were suddenly required to prove their parents were in the US when they were born. Various forms of proof could be tax records, if they owned a house, utility bills, rent receipts. Thing is, these are twenty and thirty year old people, or older. Some of their parents may have passed, or not sure exactly where they were living when the person in question was born.



Par for the course

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Seriously now

I think the EU does not want the historical monuments overrun by tourists on the current scale it is happening.

Visas may be rejected. We wait to see if there will be a quota system.

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As a foreign born and naturalized USA citizen I did not need to obtain a copy of my certified birth certificate from my birth country (Estonia) to get a USA passport in 1980s.

For my Real ID in 2018 my USA passport was used to verify my country of birth without needing a certified birth certificate.

In 2022 I applied for and received an Estonian passport. I did not need any certified birth certificate. The Estonian government already had my birth record in Estonia. I was an Estonian citizen by birth.


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I mentioned this topic to him a few days ago and his reply was it hardly matters because I never want to go anywhere


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