European Energy Crisis

This will have investment implications worldwide. Worth a listen IMO. What are the investment implications? Could coal have a renaissance?

Mark Fairbairn & Alexander Stahel sit down to discuss the EU energy crisis. What has caused it? How bad could it get? And how can people prepare?

00:00 - Introduction & Data Points
03:18 - Electricity More Important than Gas
08:15 - Rising Costs & Blackouts
11:15 - Why are we in this situation?
19:14 - Pricing/Availability & The Netherlands
24:50 - Lehman Brothers Moment for Energy
34:11 - Scandinavian Situation
38:57 - UK Situation
45:50 - Replacing LNG Shortfall (Nord Stream)
53:18 - Gas/Elec Crisis is here to stay
58:40 - How Can People Prepare?

[The European Energy Crisis w/ Alexander Stahel The European Energy Crisis w/ Alexander Stahel - YouTube

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This is an interesting video concerning the fiscal state during the current crisis also.

It is interesting, and makes sense, but if it is true then there may be more trouble brewing ahead.



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The link…