Saul seems to be able to pull out great quotes about a company all the time, not sure how he tracks all those, but one way could be with this web site:

(courtesy of a mention from David Gardner on his podcast).

It is free and allows you to great albums that contains notes. You might choose to create a note album for LGIH, or great investor quotes, or amazing things my kid said, house maintenance, etc. Attach files, insert links.

I highly recommend you guys give it a look, some of you might adopt it. Of course they have a paid version which must have nicer features, but I have not felt the need for it yet.

(did I mention this before:? If so, sorry).


Count me among the Evernote fans. I have a paid subscription, but mostly so that I can use it on three devices – desktop, laptop, and phone.

I’m a paid subscriber also, I’ve used Evernote for several years and have a lot of notes saved over the years that are easily referenced, searched and grouped, accessible from all my devices. Very handy.

Invest wisely my friends