Everything is fine - we are all fine...how are you?

Bull market…whooo hooo!!!


I am sure it will all be fine…


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Financial fragility? That’s only for the financially fragile, no? Let them eat cake!
So, the Fed says that this cohort is 2.6% higher than the 7-year average? 1/3 of the people could not pay cash for a new set of tires? How many Portillo’s for four is that?

NASDAQ not quite through the July double top. I’m watching it. Short week, probably a bit lower volume. I have been adding small amounts, but STILL 64% cash. Two more days like Monday would probably cause me to reduce to 33% cash. A failure to break through… back to 80%?

I bought silver, JEPQ, PGY, GLBE, PSTG, and QQQ Monday. I figured QQQ was easier buy than adding to each of the Mag 7. ONDS up another 24% Monday on no news that I could find, although an insider bought up about half a percent of the market cap on Friday.



Of that list… PGY is the most interesting to me. In the short term concerns with recession and regional pressure. In 3+ year outlooks seems like significantly undervalued. Im sure there is a bear case for it somewhere.

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A short squeeze in December might help the stock prize even more.

I can tell you firsthand that enterprises are capping budgets, pushing projects, and generally folks aren’t meeting their sales goals.

I am sure it will all be fine though. We just had a record Cyber Monday after all! (not like those folks bought all that stuff on BNPL credit or anything…right???)



Actually they did! And AFRM is now basically up about 3.5X this year, from under $10 to almost $35 recently.

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hope you locked in those profits…

just sayin.


I am currently trimming (multiple positions, actually) as the portfolio is back up near the Aug highs of this year. But I can’t really call the AFRM trims “profits” as I had bought those shares at higher prices on the way down.

Still nice to have a holding over triple from it’s lows, even if still underwater.

Just trying to get enough cash to get a new truck and cover a home remodel sometime over the next year.

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I forget who was trying to argue workers are doing just fine…

The workers disagree:

  • Inflation is eroding workers’ gains. Three in 5 workers (60 percent) say their incomes haven’t kept pace with inflation over the past 12 months, up from 55 percent last year. For those who did receive a pay bump of some form, more than half (53 percent) said their incomes haven’t kept pace with inflation, up slightly from 50 percent last year.


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But it is ok…so what if most people dont realize that inflation is the rate of increase and not an up and down number?

I am sure they are fine and with market up YTD, 401ks are bound to be flush!


But mag 7 profit margins are great!!! AI is changing the world! Ozempic will make everyone skinny and healthy!!!