Exact Sciences Presentation


23 minutes.

Exact Sciences is selling stuff, real stuff to real Doctors who are using it to treat real patients.

The revenue growth is in excess of 100 percent per year.

They are investing heavily in sales force and lab space.

The technology is useful for other cancers and other types of fluids.

After watching this I expect no surprises at the earnings call. I haven’t seen an announcement yet, but expect the call will happen late February.

Will need to watch video on Nektar and BioTime.

Based on what I already knew about Exact Sciences and Nektar, I had a 6 percent position (6 percent of my “Saul” port). I sold about a third of that and invested it in Nektar. I have no position in BioTime. However it is being hawked by John Maudin and I read his newsletter “Tech Digest” and Patrick Cox who writes that letter has mentioned some video out by BioTime.

My next task is to review more videos on Nektar.