EXAS CEO on Cramer

Link to Cramer interviewing Kevin Conroy (EXAS CEO) on Mad Money yesterday after the earnings release and acquisition announcement.


They discuss the merger, the merits of Genomic Health, and the earnings release. But my favorite Cramer assessment (which I agree with) is around the 7:00 minute mark when Cramer states (paraphrasing) that he feels without the merger announcement, EXAS stock would have been up $30 after the blow out quarter, and that the quarter was the biggest blow out of the year!

I feel it will still add that $30 (or whatever amount this quarter ends up adding to the stock price), but slowly, rather than in one day. With the sizable increase in estimated revenue, analyst estimates will need to be increased across the board which will pull the stock up as those come in.

Just my feelings, do your own DD.