Exercise is fat-shaming?

The latest instalment of Bluey, which was broadcast on ABC in Australia, showed the title character’s parents complaining about their weight. Critics said the show could lead to young viewers developing worries about their own bodies. An ABC spokesperson said the episode had been edited and the new version would be distributed globally…

The episode, Exercise, begins with Bluey’s father, Bandit, weighing himself while Bluey is in the bath.

“Oh man … I just need to do some exercise,” Bandit says.

“Tell me about it,” Bluey’s mother, Chilli, replies.

Bandit looks at himself in the mirror, holding his sides.

“Why don’t you just do some exercise?” Bluey asks.


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Well, like some of the folk quoted in the article, I haven’t seen the episode in its original format either … so I have no idea if the actual take home message would’ve been that exercise is fat shaming.

However, talking about exercise, it’s the 69th anniversary of Sir Roger Bannister’s epic sub-4 minute mile. May 6th 1954, Iffley Rd track with Chris Brasher and Chris Chattaway as pacers. His cousin was our family doctor back when I still lived at home.


I faced I was 250 and 5’ 7". I finally did something about it. Had nothing to do with shame. It had to do with being 250 lb.

I am never saying I need to say anything on a message board or in person about their weight but in the tight little circles of life it is important for people to be honest.

A lot of this is overkill in all sorts of ouch I stubbed my toe can you fire the guy who laid down the sidewalk?

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Oh great. Is advocating exercise and a healthy BMI being added to the pantheon of “Woke” things to be protested against and banned?

I remember when the “Mike and Molly” sitcom was on, and some were praising the show’s “message” that it’s OK to be obese.