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This announcement is ten days old but I just saw it and I do not think anyone posted it to the board as of yet.


Virbela and The Douglas Stewart Company Join Forces to Transform Remote Education

Immersive virtual classrooms and campuses will be powered by Virbela to inspire students of all ages

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 9, 2021 – Virbela, a virtual world platform for work, education, and events, today announced a partnership with The Douglas Stewart Company, a leading distributor for academic products and services. Serving the education market for over 70 years, Douglas Stewart and its Software and Services group will bring Virbela’s virtual campus and immersive learning environments to a network of resellers that reach nearly 5,000 colleges and universities and 132,000 K-12 schools nationwide.


Hi Retirementdough,

I’ve had EXPI on my radar for several weeks now and I’d like to read what you shared, but I’m getting an error message from the link. Would you mind double checking the link and reposting the correct one?

Thanks in advance.

Mr. PH

Interesting the original link was on EXPI’s investor relations page. They just updated the web page with new design but did not have that press release. I did find it but it was on virbela’s own website.


I often thought the two businesses were very distinct and wonder if in future they would maybe spin one off. Do not want to read into them updating website too much but definitely gives it a more separate feel.

I think the virbela business is starting to come into its own. It is another reason I like EXPI stock. I believe the real estate brokerage will be the largest in the world in 10 years, the virtual software company is like icing on the cake.