Fake McAfee virus warning

Any idea how to get rid of a fake McAfee virus warning pop up? My wife’s laptop keeps popping up a box in the lower right corner. There is no McAfee software on the laptop that I can see. And a Windows virus scan comes up with nothing.
Thanks, Rick

(Disclaimer: I’ve only done a quick search and skimmed through an article that I believe describes your issue. Some removal steps might be tricky or have side-effects.)

This sounds a lot like the issue you’re describing:


I would need more information to be certain where the root cause is hiding, but an educated guess would be the web browser. A browser extension or a any site allowed to send notifications would be able to produce such a popup. Could also be a program or an app installed on the computer.

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If you are a Mac user I suggest installing MalwareBytes -free version and running it.

MalwareBytes comes with both Windows and Mac versions.

Memory from years ago says to me you were were (and maybe are) a Windows user. If you are a Mac User, my suggestion is uninstall any virus software excepting the current Microsoft stuff – no idea what that is named. Run the Microsoft stuff it works.

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I don’t know how technical you want to get, but his bleeping computer site has been around for a long time and is trustworthy. This link comes with free instructions and free downloads. I helped on this site for many years and it is reputable. It looks like you will only need two cleaning tools (RKILL and Malwarebytes - both of which I have used without issue) which they will give you safe links to. Malwarebytes alone apparently won’t get it alone. I read through the instructions and they don’t seem hard. Let me know how this works for you…doc

Capture It Plus and Fake McAfee Security Alert Removal Guide (bleepingcomputer.com)