Fallen Knives Week of 8 APR 22

For the week, transports and banks have been taking it on the chin. Certain semiconductor names beginning to snap out of months long fade. A few, such as $AOSL, are in the very cheap pile:

Symbol    PE        Sector/Subsector

$AOSL  PE   2.82    Semiconductors
$AAWW  PE   4.19    Air Transport
$KNX   PE  10.38    Trucking Transport
$UNVR  PE  11.31    Basic Materials
$CNHI  PE  11.48    European Farm Machinery
$XPO   PE  20.47    Transport Logistics

p.s. Iā€™m playing the banking sector currently with some calls I bought yesterday on $XLF

I wanted to play $AOSL but their earnings are scheduled for next Monday. Thinking about maybe $100 worth of lotto tickets today - maybe.