Falling knife v stocks on sale

How do you determine the difference between a companies stock having a bad day, stock on sale or a premature purchase of a stock, price collapsing, catching a falling knife? I seem to be too timid or not convicted enough to pull the trigger.
Thanks for this board and all the info it’s disseminated. It’s been like going back to school.

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If there was a sure fire way to differentiate we would all be gazzilionaires. All I would tell you is that there is no fundamental change in our companies or in the way they are doing business. If you bought at a higher price, then anything else must be a bargain.

What we are seeing is market speculation about whether the wfh trends are going to change and whether our stocks are going to suffer. I think, of our stocks, the only one truly impacted by the wfh trend is zoom, and perhaps Peleton.