FAQ/Knowledgebase: Draft 1

<Wendy, I built a software tool to help me manage the FAQ. It handles all of the organization, post indexing, formatting, layout, and preparation for publication. I still have to decide which posts/passages to include, of course, but the tool really does all the heavy lifting. Let me know if you think something like that might be useful for you – I’m happy to polish it up a bit and make it available.>

Wow, Neil, that is very cool. If you shared that, I could go through the METAR FAQ posts (which are like an archaeological dig because they are in chronological order) and organize them by subject.

I still believe in TMF’s original mission of Fools sharing knowledge to “Educate, Amuse and Enrich.” Thanks for your part in sharing.


Is it actually possible to copy this article?
I would like to send it to my kids

Hi Erik,
I have printed it.
PS will keep everyone updated once we land in Las Vegas.

Neil, I am sorry I can only rec this post once. Outstanding work. I am new to this board (1 week) and your work is sooooo valuable to me. I have been reading back from day one and will continue to do so, but you have sure eased the learning curve for me. Thank you for such great work.

Also, thank you Saul for your sharing your thoughts and knowledge. I am so happy to have found this board. Your contributions are very much appreciated.

Thanks again to both of you?