Fastly Live Streaming Solutions

This is really where I think Fastly shines. Adding features on to their network to help deliver content way beyond the CDN application:…

Fastly’s Live Events offering now includes:

- Media Shield with Origin Insights: Technologists can optimize multi-CDN deployments and reduce streaming costs, while gaining real-time analytics and visibility into the egress data collected from the origin infrastructure to Fastly’s Edge Cloud.

- Live Event Monitoring: Organizations can rely on a team of Fastly experts to monitor, alert, and troubleshoot complex issues throughout high-profile, mission-critical events, enabling a faster, more consistent viewer experience.

- Capacity Reservations: Organizations can easily reserve additional bandwidth to prepare for high-traffic events.

- Real-time Observability: Technologists can gain real-time insights into how their users are consuming streaming content, empowering them to proactively identify and fix potential issues.

Accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of video-on-demand users is projected to be up by nearly 50 million at the end of this year.

Fastly’s video-on-demand services now include:

- Device Detection: Video engineers can write logic to tailor content for a variety of device types, improving delivery quality and user experience.

- Enhanced On-the-fly Packager (OTFP): Organizations can cut costs associated with duplicating content for different packaging HTTP streaming protocols. Enhancements include multi-language audio and additional DRM partner integrations.

- VPN/Proxy Detection: Enhanced programmability at the edge enables organizations to detect when VPNs and proxies are being used to bypass content protection.

For more information about Fastly’s Live Events and video-on-demand solutions, visit: and….


Rafe, you, me, and the other two people on this board who still own Fastly will be watching closely!


I still own and I have no intention to sell

I think it’s selling here is an over reaction.
This is going to be a very bumpy road because of the revenue model but these are early days. The business itself has not changed

I’m also still in at a full position. I decided to stay in for now, better or worse.

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Some news and upcoming events from FSLY.

  1. Gartner has named Signal Sciences a Web Application Firewall Visionary in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for the second consecutive year.


  1. “This quarter Fastly has made great strides to bring Fastly to the Google Cloud Marketplace and strengthen our security portfolio. Fastly is the first edge cloud platform to be available in the GCP marketplace. On the security side, Fastly WAF and TLS 1.3 are functional in General Availability with TLS Commercial CA option with Globalsign in Limited Availability. We also continue to improve our existing products and services such as Fastly Image Optimizer, Terraform support, real-time logging, and network performance. The Diff view in the Fastly app has also been adjusted to upgrade usability.”


  1. "Edge computing is changing the way companies serve their applications to customers — and it’s creating new opportunities for large-scale video delivery."

Panelists for this exciting webinar include:

  • Xavier Leclercq (Broadpeak)
  • Michelle Munson (Eluvio)
  • Jim Rainville (Fastly)
  • Yoav Gressel (Qwilt)
  • William Charnock (Stackpath)

Webinar Link:…

  1. Altitude NA 2020, Build for tomorrow, now., which is Fastly’s customer conference for innovative developers and tech leaders doing more at the edge.

“Tune into Fastly’s flagship customer conference for innovative developers and tech leaders doing more at the edge. Problem-solve with peers, get technical deep-dives, and hear from some of the world’s most-loved brands. We’ve lined up more speakers than ever before — and a few surprises, too. Plus, this virtual event comes to you.”