Fastly update

Fastly issued a recent press release summarizing several developments.

They reported that in 2020 they increased network capacity by 35%.

And Fastly announced that they achieved 100Tbps of connected edge capacity an important speed milestone in the quest for reduced latency. They also acquired staff and assets from Tesuto to improve their technology.

A relevant quote from the press release…

“Reaching 100 terabits per second marks a significant milestone for Fastly as we continue to grow our global network,” said Fastly’s Chief Architect and Founder, Artur Bergman. “Our acquisition of this great team and important technology from Tesuto builds on this momentum and is a vital step forward to continuously improve our network’s reliability and capacity. Enabling more innovation and experimentation at the edge is a crucial capability needed by companies across the world to modernize their technology stacks and up-level digital experiences.

The link to the press release is below.…


Thanks draj.

I have a small position in FSLY and after reading the article contemplating adding to the position since this is an infrastructure and could have multiple tailwinds one of it being 5G.