Federal Reserve poised to make biggest increase

US Federal Reserve is poised to make its biggest increase to interest rates in nearly 30 YEARS today with speculation it will be a 75-basis-point hike

The US Federal Reserve is meeting Wednesday to discuss what may be its biggest rate increase in nearly 30 years

The central bank seems set to increase the benchmark interest rate again by at least 0.5 percentage points

But rapidly spiking consumer and producer prices in May has fueled growing speculation that it may decide decide to make a 75-basis-point hike

That would be the largest increase since November 1994


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Of course the FED can go up 75 bp. The market is pricing that in so it might fly. It is not a worthless shock. Or the FED can stick with the plan for the corporate planners who have been aligning their doings for months now to a 50 bp rise.