Final tranche

Yesterday I made my final purchase for a full holding (book cost 2.5% of current portfolio value) in VDSI and broke two of my most basic rules in doing so: RS is bad (down about 22% from the 52-week high) and it has a huge short position (about 45%).

So it’s a gamble and I deserve to get slammed. It seems the question on the table is whether banks will stick with it or start giving the eye to some pretty competitor. Just love the fundamentals, but still, it’s reckless behavior.

Currently my holding is up (after the latest purchase) 25%, 53% annualized so at least I have a cushion. I’m not asking you to wish me luck because I don’t deserve to receive it. Heigh-ho. Let’s all raise a glass to human frailty.


Why don’t you tell us a little about the company strelna. The numbers look interesting.


Simply, VDSI is the only cyber-security company with all the figures I like to see for investment (except for those I mentioned which really should forestall investment until corrected).

On the company, I cannot add to the information from normal sources, especially as I find technology such a challenge to understand!

It is certainly a volatile corner of the market, with new arrivals, Old Members (CSCO, INTC etc.) and differences in what they do. I have held CHKP for many years and remember well it storming through my screen, DD etc. long ago; I could hardly buy it quickly enough.