Finally Foolin November 2023 Portfolio Update

November started not so great (Confluent) but ended up fantastic as my portfolio started the month up 22.5% and ended close to 50%!! The last week especially saw over 50% of my portfolio value reporting (Zscaler, Crowdstrike, Snowflake) and ALL had solid to great quarters. I also had MercadoLibre & Nvidia report and they were both very good as well.

YTD: 48.95%
MTD: 22.04%

Note, I modified my dashboard. Decided to toy around with Streamlit. I really like it so far and it provides a lot more capabilities in regards to input and being more dynamic on charts and such. Not quite all the features of my previous PowerBI for straight dashboarding though… yet anyway.


While I was disappointed in the CFLT quarter, the stock was WAY OVERSOLD before I could even consider selling so I held on to my shares. Ended up being a good decision as its been strong since then.