Finding Multi-Baggers

Great presentation on how easy was it to identify, buy and hold 10x baggers in the last 15 years. (Starts on Page 16) :…


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Appfolio Is The Growth Story You Haven’t Heard Of $APPF, $PAYC, $TTD

The methodology described here is close to my personal approach


Good stuff but worth noting that the late Jim Slater, creator (if there can be such a thing; John Neff had previously done the same thing but included yield in the denominator for total return) of the PEG ratio as a useful ratio for valuing smallcap growth companies, never failed to stress the danger of a high PE numerator. However, it could be argued that since then, the concept of ‘growth’ has dramatically changed, both in level and endurance.

Appfolio Is The Growth Story You Haven’t Heard Of $APPF, $PAYC, $TTD

Took a quick look at Appfolio (APPF) and it looks very interesting. Thanks.

Best Property Management Software

Quadrant leader in “All” but even more in “Small-Business.” Maybe lawyers here can comment on AppFolio’s MyCase.

One advantage of targeting small business vs. large is diversification and another is that small customers don’t have bargaining power while behemoths do. It’s no coincience that business is required to disclose major clients.

It’s amazing how blind one can be. For a long time I have shunned SaaS thinking that it’s an easy business model to copy. Lately I have been discussing business models (at NPI) commenting on the benefits of horizontal value chains, outsourcing context and keeping core in-house. My last mention was about Pivotal’s Cloud Foundry which effectively keeps application software in-house and outsources the implemenation to any and all hardware/net/cloud configurations which is complex and non-core for most businesses. This is even more relevant to small buisness with little in-house IT expertise.

Will investigate further.

Denny Schlesinger


Will investigate further.

The question that remains in my mind is “how does one pick one SaaS over another?” It’s not clear to me that the best sofware wins. Maybe there isn’t a best software but different ones to match various needs. Then the larger market might be a better pick than the “best of breed.” One thing is clear, unlike most high tech where there is one clear winner, the Gorilla, in SaaS there are many winners like in retail and restaurants. As I asked at the NPI, “What is the Holy Grail of Saas?” I’m going to google that!

We discussed APPF verticals at the NPI board

Tinker: AppFolio’s MyCase?…

Denny Schlesinger