Finland signs up for missile shield initiative with 14 other NATO members

Finland, which is waiting for the ratification of Turkey and Hungary to join the NATO alliance, joined 14 of its members in signing up for a European missile shield initiative in Brussels Thursday, while NATO hopeful Sweden did not.

Finland has been developing its air defence system since 2018 and signed up for a joint NATO one in Brussels on Thursday.

The initiative would be integrated into NATO’s defensive entity, commented Finnish Defence Forces Commander General Timo Kivinen on a current affairs programme Thursday morning. There will be no parallel systems, Kivinen said.

Decisions regarding Finland’s air defence system will be made early next year, while the country’s air and missile systems will be thoroughly examined in line with NATO membership, the General added.



I really think there needs to be very strict talk of expelling Hungary from Nato and the EU. Let the Hungarians wake up or swim on their own. See how long that lasts. Fork them over.