Fintwit summit on March 20th and 21st

I am a big fan of Saul’s board and thanks to Saul and other veterans on this board, I have deep respect for all your contributions as I have been learning from all of you since last 1 year. Knowledge acquired and compounded from this board keeps me sane and calm even after 30% drop that we witnessed since Feb12th.

This is my first post on this board. I follow few people on Twitter too who contribute and educate other folks with their tweets and yesterday I came to know that Dhaval Kotecha and Christopher Seifel were organizing a Fintwit Summit on March 20th and 21st. Fee is nominal and all proceeds goes to St.Jude’s charity.

Here is the link to the schedule

Link to registration

Long list of speakers include our board’s Muji, Stocknovice, Richard Chu and others like Morgan Housel, Beth Kindig, Peter Offringa, Brian Feroldi.

May be in future, I hope we have a similar Saul’s Investing board’s Summit. Thank you all for contributions.