First Data and Square

I do not know what Square is like but I nearly blew a gasket with customer service with First Data. Like OMFG! As you can tell I am still venting.

I merely wanted to be able to get back to my online account so I could contest a chargeback from a totally nut case client. They dallied and were late in the original chargeback she tried. So I am taking it out of their hands. But noooooooooooooo…

Yeah, if Square does what I am told they do, that is a disruptive business innovation.

Btw/ that client has no legal basis for any of it other than First Data’s process issues that caused by default the first charge back to go back “unchallenged” despite my sending two responses to the specified fax number.



First Data are a total disgrace. Get rid of them. As for chargebacks, they support the customer regardless of the fact that evidence was produced to show customer lying and them calling me to say that my account has been refunded. It wasn’t. After 10 months we are still in dispute and as for reading or understanding their statements, I’m surprised you are still with them. I dumped them for good last June.

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The only reason I am still with them is that my billing is built into my website and built into my emails that I send out for invoicing. Which, as you might imagine, are two very powerful ways to get paid. I do not know if I can switch vendors and have both functions still work. On my website, I can probably get that done. But the pay now button in my email invoicing is a different system than my website, and I believe my ex (when I was employing her as a consultant) very nicely created that functionality for me. I do not know how to make the change.

Thus lock in. But I am inquiring…in the interim, I did find my Tax I.D. and will try to get on the site.

With chargebacks, many years ago I lost one for $15k because I had authorization to use a card via email from them, but they did not actually sign for authorization. Ever since, they either go to my website and pay themselves, or I get a signed authorization form.

Since then, I have never lost a chargeback dispute. Except for a small $600 one last month based upon not receiving the necessary materials from First Data to contest in time (although I did respond prior to receiving the contest package, but I only had my merchant info and not the # of the chargeback dispute)…yeah, horrible customer service without doubt.

But I guess color as to just how much room there is for improvement in this product area. If Square makes it merchant friendly, they are going to take over this market eventually for smaller business merchants. I’d even pay a premium for it, but Square does not charge a premium price.




I can attest to how easy square is to use both from a transaction perspective and from dealing with.
It just blows my mind that any retail merchant with a POS would still use a standard credit card processor.

Square is a flat fee - 2.75% for dips, 3.5% for a key in and 2.9% +$0.15 for square invoice (but to avoid chargeback, you need a signed authorization on file I think - I use Adobe Sign and we moved to a totally electronic signature system - $100/year for unlimited documents & signatures).

The data they provide on their dashboard is also useful: new vs. returning customers, # of transactions per customers, etc…

I thought they didn’t have web site processing, but I just looked and they do have a payment portal that appears to be pretty easy to integrate in a website (google square payment api).

Did I mention that the deposit hits my account in 24 hours? I used quickbooks processing and this was a minimum of 3 days.

If you have a volume > $250K/year, you can get a lower rate too.

I’m definitely a fan and use square in 2 of our businesses: one a retail shop and one a rental business. I’ve never had issues with either, charging between $.50 and $6,000.

The only problem I ever ran into is a client trying to pay an invoice with a pre-paid credit card and having to enter a zip code which didn’t match. Had to punt that transaction to quickbook.



Thanks PalmettoDude.

I would qualify for a discount. Latest indignity, I got signed back up for the website, and it requires you to change your password. So I did, and I did, and I did, and I did. It would not recognize my login. I will give it to tomorrow to see if it has to run through the system or not (which is ridiculous as banks make transactions in seconds).

There is still time for this chargeback, but this one is personal thus raising blood pressure.

I know I can integrate into my website. I may have to hire a consultant to integrate it into my emailed invoices. May be worthwhile…urrrrgggghhhhhh, perhaps my ex…we use to be best friends. Funny what life wroughts.

But I will stop expanding this thread. Just venting and thought it of interest to put Square into perspective. My website person wants me to try an alternative to Square that she says is just as user friendly. I will look at their terms and customer service as well. Forget what that is called. I will report back in a few months to see how the competition stands in regards to Square. But in the end numbers that support the narrative talk in stock investing.


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Update, after calming down, I got tech help on the phone with login. Apparently if your browser remembers your password login will not work. They could have of course specified that. And then you cannot have two consecutive character in a row such that Beer or 1922 in the password would not work, and so on.

Finally hit on one that would work, and had to change the “old password” info to make it work (no one could intuitively figure it out). But then got in!

Turns out, I won the $600 something chargeback! (yay me!). And the $4,300 in additional chargebacks I will win as well as it is the same exact response.

So, having finally figured out how to do something, it is lower on my list to make changes. But has not been easy.

Thus should end this drama filled life irritation, turned into yoga like calm breathing now.

I will still look into alternatives, but for now must move it down the priority list as at least solution is working, although I am sure I am paying excessive fees.