First Order of Business for New House Leadership

… boot Nancy Pelosi from her office in the Capitol. {{ LOL }}

Looks like they’ve hit the ground running.



While she is at a funeral

Typical low-class move by the GOP. Next they will urge corporations to layoff workers, cut pay and deeply cut benefits. Why not that is how it was done for the last 40 years. Why change?

Your son or grandson? Cut his job. You can support that as well.

No wonder the real GDP has not been growing well from 1981 to 2020.

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Priorities…imagine what’s next, gold toilet in the speaker’s office from closed Trump towers?

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Couldn’t have happened to a more appropriate person.

Why stoop so low? Platinum!

We should put an extra wing on the capitol building. We can call it “The Wingnut”.

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Pelosi was excellent in office. We had order and got a huge amount done.

I am sure you are so far down your rabbit hole you have no clue what she got enacted. But hey enjoy your fantasies with the other guys.


They got Steny Hoyer, too. Just another demonstration of GOP axxholery.

Pelosi and Hoyer had offices inside the Capitol building rather than having to make their way across the street to the larger office buildings. Those are generally given in recognition of years of service in the House.