Five-Dollarama Inflation Indicator?

Dollarama is ubiquitous in Canada, they are everywhere. While they still sell lots of C$1.00 items they are not shy about selling a lot of items @ “$1plus” says so right on their sign. They have had items for up to C$4 for years but decided that … you know inflation, wages and all that stuff? Another feature is that many are franchises and can charge what they like. Different pricing for the same item at different stores is common. They sell a lot of grocery items at good prices. The stock has done really well during the pandemic but the dividend doesn’t meet my standard.


Five-Dollarama? Cost-conscious retailer plans to start selling some items for up to $5

Company saw higher sales, boosts dividend to shareholders
CBC News · Posted: Mar 30, 2022 10:19 AM ET