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Gotham will be a Southern-fried hot mess by 2020, climate pros warn
Climate change is real — and it could turn the city into a flood-prone danger zone with summers as sweltering as the deep South’s in the not-too-distant future, according to an expert panel of scientists. The panel, which Mayor Bloomberg tasked with studying weather patterns in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, predicts the greatest threats to Gotham will be catastrophic heat waves and frequent bouts of heavy rains for days on end.

The bad weather patterns should kick in as early as 2020, according to the findings released on Monday. In that year, the city will see an average temperature of 57 degrees — up from the current 54 — and 10% more rainfall. That rainfall will come with an alarming, nearly 1-foot rise in the already high sea level — which will likely increase the city’s flood risk.

Actual sea level rise, 2010-2020: 5 mm or 0.2 inches

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