Florida condo repair law starts Jan 1 2025

It would go for a pretty penny. But I doubt it went up like his DELL stock did from 1990 to 2000. That was about 120,000% or so.

Please note, that is literally what he invested in with the money he would have used for the San Diego condo.


I didn’t buy at the IPO. I only got 23,800%. But that’s the point. The money I haven’t had tied up in underperforming residential real estate has done very well over the past several decades.

And of course, Pfizer did well, too. Even AVIS rental car was an unexpected COVID pandemic blessing. All funded by the application of “rent vs. buy” over 40+ years.

CAR 162.75 -0.9599 -0.59% : AVIS BUDGET GROUP, INC. - MSN Money

If you keep your money invested in the stock market, you’ll be able to rent a castle, if you think you need one.