Florida is about to go after another company

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Blame his supporters. They couldn’t hold it up < G >.

The ejit does not realize you do not have a fiduciary responsibility as an equity corporation.

Financial advisors use mutual funds and bonds mostly US paper to meet their fiduciary responsibilities.

The crazy thing is the people of Florida are part of Bud’s problems.

Anyone it is just one more anti business campaign by the governor. He would cripple the country to suit the stupid.

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Not exactly anti-business, but enforced conformity. No free thought or speech allowed in the state of “Faith and Freeedom”.



It is anti business is the bottom line.

We do not do this in the same way to Chic fa Lay. Our governors do not shut their businesses down. The most we do is insist on rights for people that discrimination does not happen. This is no business if we cant in Florida be bigots.


This is hilarious. Desantis used his platform and influence to harm Anheuser-Bush financially.

Now he wants to sue them because his efforts were successful.


So when will AmBev sue Florida?