Florida just can't catch a break

Wow I guess not believing in Science does have its down side. The hits to the economy just keep coming.

**According to the report, Florida may represent an endemic location for leprosy and recommends that physicians consider leprosy in the appropriate clinical context in patients who have traveled to the area, even in the absence of other risk factors. **



Waste of money buying a home there. Cant really trust how well your business will do there. Now he’s calling to tear down corporate America.

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Pestilence can’t be far behind.



Something else the pols and demagogues will blame on foreigners.


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Who is first in line for the blame…the foreigners? The poor? The African Americans? The women?

Good thing who is running the place! Sarcasm

Such constructive behavior.

Found the culprit the education system.

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It failed Death Santa, as it did with many others who still do not understand basic business OR economics.