Florida refuses IRA funds

Wow. This just blows me away. But hey I have to admire someone that doesn’t believe in big government or taking anyone’s help. This is really what all Conservatives all around the world should be doing. But alas it is very rare to see. Most of them just talk the talk.

Florida Republican Governor and 2024 presidential contender Ron DeSantis quietly rejected hundreds of millions of dollars in federal energy funding, as the Biden administration touts the benefits of its marquee climate law on the campaign trail in battleground states.


Let’s see if FL rejects federal help next time a hurricane hits.


Seems they could have used this to help with infrastructure for hurricanes. They had another insurance agency move out of the state because of hurricanes. 357 million could go a long way to building a dike system.

The Clever Dutch and How They Manage Water -.


Apparently, most of the money was for energy efficiency programs. Accepting the money would validate improving energy efficiency. Apparently, energy efficiency is “woke”, therefor must be avoided.