#FloridaMan Winner for This Week Is Also My Favorite Fascist To Speak Out Against

Done tangling yourself into knots now?


According to the AP, this is fake news. There was a bill, but DeSantis didn’t and doesn’t support it. Beware of sensational headlines from journo-listers that confirm your biases a little too neatly.

Florida Blogger Bill Falsely Tied To DeSantis

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DeSantis, he is behind many other different similar measures in Florida today, and you should know that. And anything handing his corrupt Administratuion more power is alright with Ron, if he can get away with it with his hands supposedly clean (but use the Luminol, his hands glow blue.)

Read the Drudge headline again. Nowhere does it say DeSantis is behind this bill which should die quickly now that many of us freedom fighters in Florida are aware of another creeping Authoritarian move by the GQP.

I believe DeSantis isn’t right enough for many of the people living in their GAGA neighborhoods where Trump signs or flags were in every other yard.

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Around 772,000 Florida workers, students, and community members are undocumented. And Governor Ron DeSantis wants to make it a felony for anyone to have them in their home or even give them a ride.

Senate Bill 1718, part of Desantis’s broad repressive legislative agenda this year, targets not just undocumented people but also anyone associated with them. The bill, which is likely to pass the Republican-controlled state legislature, criminalizes anyone who transports an undocumented person “into or within this state.” In other words, anyone—co-worker, friend, neighbor, classmate—giving a simple ride to someone they know or care about who is undocumented would be guilty of a third-degree felony.

The bill also criminalizes anyone who “conceals, harbors, or shields” (or “attempts” to do so) an undocumented person in “any place within this state.” Nearly 4 percent of Floridians are undocumented. The bill text, reading like an edict issued in Margaret Peterson Haddix’s Shadow Children series, foments fear about these hundreds of thousands of people. It isn’t hard to imagine law enforcement agencies conflating a house party or simple afternoon cup of tea with a secret migrant-harboring operation.

This is a horrible, wrong idea.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.