FMI inked a deal with Pfizer

Might be quite nice timing for the January call options that expire this Friday.

Here’s a link to Seeking Alpha:
Foundation Medicine and Pfizer team up to develop companion diagnostics $FMI, $PFE


The market doesn’t seem to like it this morning.

Perhaps the Pfizer announcement makes it seem that a Roche takeover is far less imminent?

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Per a guy on Stocktwits, Roche offered $50/share for FMI 3 years ago and can’t make a new offer until April.

Not sure how to verify that though.

It’s possible but I think they may wait until full global commercialisation to see the results. Roche have been here before. They bought Genentech in 2 bites 1990 and 2009. They may do the same with FMI.
FMI aren’t the only play in town though where as Genentech were light years ahead of everyone.