Follow up to muji's post

In response to muji’s post, I’ve now gotten five offline requests for my Twitter handle and blog:

Twitter: @StockNovice

The blog is nothing fancy. It’s not a service and entirely free. It contains the same monthly recaps I post here (although with embedded links and gifs that actually work!). It also contains some general posts that either expand on thoughts originally expressed here or address topics that might be considered OT for this board. Like muji, I’ve expanded my writing a bit with the additional COVID downtime and had little interest in using MF’s clunky board as the platform.

Please be assured I have zero plans to curtail any presence here. I owe my entire present as an investor – and a not-insignificant amount as a person now that I think about it – to Saul and these boards. My respect and appreciation for what it has done for me will never waver. Besides, it is too valuable a resource to do anything other than stick around.

A part of me was very hesitant to post this as it is in no way meant to steer any focus or traffic away from the Fool or this wonderful board. However, five rapid-fire requests made me decide otherwise. There is no sense in denying there’s a much larger world out there. That being said, don’t underestimate the value of what we have sitting right here in front of us. Not only is it true that the grass isn’t always greener, but this is about the greenest grass many of us have ever found. Don’t ever lose sight of that. It’s that important.


“this is about the greenest grass many of us have ever found. Don’t ever lose sight of that. It’s that important.”

Agreed… I mean. really. I never post because I cannot ever articulate my research as well or concisely as Saul, muji, stocknovice and others. I read this every morning before I start my day. I cannot even begin to express my thanks for teaching me how to look at a company, investing in said company, and when to get out. I went and followed you both on twitter because… it is interesting. In NO way a replacement for this board.
Thank you ALL. for the difference you have made in my investing life. Glad I found a place to post this that might not be off topic…