Fool article (GBX and BOFI mentioned)

A Fool article by Brian Stoffel that mentions 3 stocks that could double, all have very high short interest, so you’re making a bet against the bears on any of these. I like most of Brian’s articles/analysis.…

He mentions a couple stocks that have been discussed on this board and were both owned by Saul at one point, but last I heard, are not currently.

One is GBX, the other BOFI.


At one time, I had a large position in BOFI. I sold it all, but 6 weeks ago I bought a 1.2% position. My intent is to add 0.25% today. I am comfortable with this amount. This is definitely a better value point today than 6 weeks ago.

There are things not to like about BOFI. It is not simply the internet bank, low overhead, jumbo loan story. Many moving parts and some in the darker side of banking operations in high interest rate loans.


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