For Micron fans

More than a few board regulars have mentioned they’ve invested in Micron (MU). I think it’s a solid investment (over a much longer cycle than previously experienced). Here’s an article from Zack’s that sings MU’s praises:…

"Micron shares have gained more than 65% over the past year, but the stock has fallen about 12% since reaching new highs in November. That leaves MU with very attractive valuation metrics right now. Shares are trading at just 3.99x forward earnings, and with its PEG of just 0.40, investors are getting a great price for its growth potential as well.

Earnings estimates for Micron’s current fiscal year have trended significantly higher over the past 60 days. We now expect the company’s full-year EPS growth to touch 104% on the back of 39% revenue growth. Looking ahead, Micron is expected to improve its earnings at an annualized rate of 10% over the next three to five years." (Emphasis added for those who believe that MU is nothing more than a short-term play/flash in the pan)