For NVIDIA Holders

I don’t own NVIDIA shares but, if I did, I’d be pondercating the ramifications of this development:…

We can now confirm the rumours that Intel has given up on Nvidia because it has written a cheque to license AMD’s graphics.ip


Looks like there has been about a $2.00/share bump in the past 15 minutes…not sure when that link was posted.

From one angle, a licensing deal between AMD and Intel could be yet another indication of how far ahead NVDA is…showing a bit of desperation a bit like paying $15 billion for Mobileye.

Boy, you people (including me in “you people”) fret over the littlest of things.

This has nothing at all to do with NVDA as an investment or AMD as an investment.

INTC simply does not want to have to pay NVDA (its strongest competitor, that is largely eating its lunch in many key markets) anymore money, as it was paying NVDA because NVDA sued INTC for theft anyways.

Meanwhile, poor AMD, they are desperate for money, and despite all the hype that AMD would kill INTC or NVDA over the decades, AMD is just enough competition to keep the antitrust regulators from pouncing. And thus, INTC prefers to deal give the money to AMD, and to have AMD people in their offices instead of NVDA people, who I am sure the consider to be smug anyways.

This is interesting, but has about a 1.2% in the relevance category.



Read this AMD to kill INTC headline. Makes you want to buy AMD!

That is AMD’s real business. Sell their stock on this hope.

Reality, sure it is a great product for what it is. Won’t be killing Intel.

Knowing history and context is important. And this may be good for AMD, but not because of the same press stories told for decades now.

AMD has been a superb investment when you buy from the lows and sell in the highs on hype like this. But as a business mostly a failure.



“Read this AMD to kill INTC headline.”

Every so many years this kind of headline comes up. This time, there seems to be more hope for AMD because of new upper management. That does create more uncertainty for shorts. I bought AMD puts too soon and at relatively low strike prices, and now they only have about 7 months left to run.

I don’t think it could hurt NVDA, since you can still use an nVidia video card with that AMD CPU.