For those following Afterpay

I know there are a few here who follow Afterpay.

Shares in Australia’s Afterpay closed 9.5 per cent higher at $68.16, a new high, while shares in competitor Zip Co gained 5.7 per cent.

Over 700% up since its March dip.




You are quoting APT.AX. I bought AFTPF - they do not seem to track exactly together. An idea why?

Thanks, Tom

APT.AX = Currency in AUD
AFTPF = Currency in US$

Denny Schlesinger

Denny’s right.

As I also invest in foreign currencies, I frequently find equities valued in those currencies offer diversity as well as higher income/capital gains thaan keeping the currency in a bank. The foreign shares also tend to be more liquid and easier to trade than their US ADR’s as well as tracking the share prices better. Foreign shares frequently make up more than half of my equity portfolio.

The process for an American to buy Afterpay on the Sydney exchange would involve having an account at a brokerage firm which has a forex exchange capability as well as allowing trading in that particular market. On such US firm is Interactive Brokers. A word of advice, should this course interest you: The trading screens involved are not intuitive or designed for laypersons. Spend some time studying the tools before you jump into the deep end of the pool.