Forbe: Oath Keepers List Divulges Names

Forbes Headline: Oath Keepers Members Include Hundreds Of Elected Officials, Police And Military Personnel, Leaked List Suggests…

Sub-headline: TOPLINE Hundreds of elected officials, military members and law enforcement officers feature on leaked membership lists of the Oath Keepers, a far-right, anti-government militia accused of playing a leading role in the Capitol assault, according to a report published Wednesday by the Anti-Defamation League, a finding that adds to concerns over the prevalence of radical-right beliefs among U.S. forces and law enforcement.

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:pushpin: The ADL’s Center on Extremism said it had identified more than 370 people named on leaked Oath Keepers membership lists it believes currently work in law enforcement agencies across the country, including at least 10 chiefs and 11 sheriffs.

:pushpin: ADL also identified 117 people on the organization’s rolls it believes currently serve in the U.S. military, as well as 11 serving in the reserves and 31 who are contractors or hold civilian positions.

:pushpin: It also found more than 80 individuals across the country who were, as of early August, holding or running for public office, with positions ranging from mayors, town council members and school board members to state representatives and senators.

:pushpin: Emergency responders also featured prominently on membership lists, ADL said, adding it had identified 86 people it believed to be active firefighters, including several chiefs, 19 active paramedics and 31 active emergency technicians.

:pushpin: Membership lists also included significant numbers of people ADL identified as holding other prominent positions within the community, including religious figures, teachers, civil engineers and government employees, some of whom reported holding top security clearances or had jobs giving access to critical infrastructure.

:pushpin: ADL notes that its figures may not give a complete picture of the Oath Keepers’ makeup—it does not include those only joining local chapters or who never officially signed up—or of the roles held by the 38,000 people named on the leaked membership lists, many of whom claimed to be affiliated with the military or work as emergency responders but could not be confidently assessed.

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