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Synaptics Simplifies Notebook Fingerprint Authentication With SecurePad

A device’s user interface improvement sometimes gets taken for granted, that is, until it completely changes the game, as was the case with the Apple AAPL -0.38% iPhone. PCs are no different as we are moving into a more touch-dominant world. Large, multi-touch touchpads and displays are changing the way we use our PCs. The touchpad and fingerprint authentication businesses have been two big businesses for Synaptics SYNA +3.7%, but have until now remained fairly separate. Synaptics has already introduced many innovations to the TouchPad space (after creating it) with their touchpads, ClickPads and ForcePads. They have also extensively introduced a breadth of fingerprint sensors over their history and after the acquisition of Validity, they’ve been able to really push fingerprint authentication into mobile. Synaptics’ own fingerprint authentication technology, Natural ID, is a natural competitor to Apple’s Touch ID originally introduced in the iPhone 5S.

Apple’s Touch ID has driven the rest of the industry to really take notice and to start to coalesce around fingerprint authentication as a form of fast and secure authentication for multiple purposes. Touch ID is fast, secure and easy to use with its 360 degree touch capability. All of this interest helped motivate the creation of the FIDO (Fast Identity Online) Alliance which was launched in July of 2012 and is an effort on the part of OEMs and financial institutions to create interoperability between different platforms. One of the board level members of the FIDO Alliance also happens to be Synaptics ….

The Synergy of Two Technologies

Synaptics’ new SecurePad technology takes Synaptics’ industry leading touchpad solutions and integrates their Natural ID fingerprint authentication technology to seamlessly bring security into the notebook space. This allows for the SecurePad to be available in Synaptics Touchpad, ClickPad or ForcePad design touchpads meaning that any and all OEM needs can be addressed.
This means that SecurePad brings a multitude of benefits to the notebook form factor from added security brought to the platform to the ease of authentication, power savings and overall BOM savings in build costs to the OEM……

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