Free offices in New York

Not quite, it went for one dollar

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I hear AI is going to need a lot of new data centers…


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Why would you put them in the middle of a big city where rents are high. Green fields with abundant green energy look much more attractive.

Yep. Data centers are springing up like weeds in Nebraska and Iowa.

Amazon is acquiring the land to build one here (far out suburbia or generally rural).

Rumor going around that there’s a big property developer about to sell some properties to take care of a large fine he’s been assessed.

Don’t know much about it, but there could be some real bargains coming soon.


To connect with optic fiber carriers?

The Captain

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I was guess that if the office market is so bleak that a large ownership position just sold for $1 (US or Canadian?) then the rents aren’t high.

Also, I read there is a shortage of short-term storage. It would be a lot cheaper to convert an unused office building to storage than residential.


Remember the dust bowl in Oklahoma. Oklahoma and Kansas have lots of wind energy and Missouri River can provide cooling water in Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa. All do have good wind farm positions.

They are logical places for large data centers. Using green energy.

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Both Kansas and Oklahoma are in the running. Data centers need to be physically close to users for latency reasons. Then the tech companies need favorable political climates and want green energy.